What Is Your One Sentence?®



In Mimi Goss’s book, What Is Your One Sentence?: How to Be Heard in the Age of Short Attention Spans (Penguin Random House), she teaches her unique One-Sentence Method, which will help you be a better communicator – fast. She shows you how to distill your message into one sentence that captures your listeners’ attention, moves your ideas forward, focuses the problem, and helps your achieve your goals. You’ll learn to:

  • Use the one-sentence approach to tackle complex messages
  • Take five simple steps to find one sentence to launch a dialogue
  • Identify the basics of a memorable one sentence
  • Speak in your authentic voice

Whether you’re teaching kindergartners, pleading for your life, or presenting the budget to Congress, What Is Your One Sentence? provides exercises and examples, looks at the psychology of communication, and takes you through a step-by-step process to find your core message and craft that one memorable sentence to hook listeners and keep them engaged. If your one sentence is direct, honest, compelling and fresh, you inspire other people to communicate their one sentences. You begin a dialogue. And dialogue stimulates the best solutions to communications challenges.

What Is Your One Sentence? is also published in Japanese by Nihonbungeisha in Tokyo, and in Korean by Joongang Books. What Is Your One Sentence?® is a registered trademark of Mimi Goss Communications, Inc.

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